About Us

About Us

Advocate Supriya takes pride in the legal journey of our esteemed Advocate, who has been a pillar of expertise since 2000. With an impressive tenure spanning over two decades, our dedicated Advocate has tirelessly served clients in the High Court.

Their multifaceted legal prowess extends to civil, criminal, and family cases, ensuring justice is upheld in various spheres. Expertly handling marriage registrations and a myriad of other registration processes, our Advocate ensures a seamless transition into wedlock and legal compliance for all endeavors.

In the complex world of financial disputes, they excel in Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) cases, securing clients' interests. Their writ petitions in the High Court are testament to their ability to navigate intricate legal landscapes. Additionally, our Advocate is your unwavering support in resolving cheque bounce cases and adeptly managing arbitration cases. Trust in their experience to protect your legal rights and interests at Advocate Supriya.

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